Les Tamaris - How to book your stay

Note that we can hold an option open for you, free of charge, while you decide.

Covid-19 : In the case of official restrictions at the time of your stay, the cancellation terms will depend on the legislation in force at that time.

Click on each section below to see the details of each step of the reservation process.

The availability shown on our web site is normally accurate within a few hours of a change, but the situation can alter on a daily basis. You can send us an enquiry for the confirmation of the availability for your dates.
You can also request that we hold an option open for you on the dates that you require while you consult other family members or while you book your travel. This option will be held for 3 days, after which the dates will be re-opened for bookings.
Request an option using our contact form or telephone us on 0033 6 11 56 32 37.

To confirm your reservation please telephone, to give your card details for the 25% deposit. We accept any card showing the VISA or MASTERCARD symbol (sorry not Am-Ex or Maestro). You can also pay by bank transfer if you prefer - in this case please ask for our bank details.
The payment will be in Euros and the deduction from your account, in your local currency, will depend on the exchange rate and any charges that your bank applies.
Reservations made at 8 weeks or less from the rental start date will require full payment.

NB: The booking becomes definitive when the rental contract has been established.

You are required to complete your reservation by sending the completed and signed Booking Form (rental contract) within 15 days, either by scan / email, or by post. The reservation is not definitive until reception of this document. The absence of the completed Booking Form may lead to the cancellation of your reservation. The form is available to print from this link : Booking Form

This document is in PDF format and needs Adobe Acrobat Reader. Most computers have this installed, or an equivalent on tablets, but in case of difficulty you can download it free here : Acrobat Reader

Once we have received your completed Booking Form we will send you your booking confirmation document and deposit payment receipt by post. Make a note of the balance payment date that is shown on your confirmation (see section 5 below).

For reservations made near to the rental dates, these documents are also sent by email. If the full rental amount has been paid you will receive the corresponding full payment receipt and the detailed arrival instructions at the same time.

You are required to pay the remainder of the rental price (75%) by the due date that is shown on your booking confirmation document. This date is 8 WEEKS before the rental.
We will not automatically take the balance from the card details used for the deposit payment unless you confirm that you wish us to do so. You can confirm this by email, but make sure that the original card is still valid (expiry date and security code) and has not been replaced with a new one in the meantime. Otherwise, please telephone with the card details that you wish us to use. If you have paid the deposit by bank transfer, you can simply do a second transfer for the remainder.

At this time please arrange the Security Deposit by sending us the Security Deposit form which gives your authorisation to hold your card details against the deposit amount. If you have paid by bank transfer, an alternative method will be proposed - please consult us on this point.

If not resident in France, you are also required to provide proof of "Personal Liability" insurance cover for all members of your group. This will normally be a copy of your travel insurance policy. See more information.

Unfortunately, due to a increasing number of guests not having the honesty to inform promptly that they will not be continuing with their holiday booking, we are obliged to issue only ONE balance payment reminder by email at 7 days overdue. If no response is received within a further 7 days we may assume tacit cancellation of the booking and put the dates back on sale.

Once we have received your balance payment, the Security Deposit arrangements and the insurance details, we will send you your balance payment receipt and the detailed arrival instructions by post. For reservations made near to the rental dates, these documents are also sent by email.

The arrival instructions will allow you to find the property easily and we recommend that you follow them on leaving the motorway, as Sat-Nav indications may not choose the best route or may not indicate the exact place.

Just before departure you may have a few questions. The answers to these are usually to be found in the Questions and Answers section of this website, or indeed on your Booking Form, or in the property description or on the arrival instructions. If you have not found the answer there, or if the question is a little more specific, please feel free to get in touch.

Our contact details are included on the arrival instructions. It is useful to us to have a call during the day to indicate of your likely arrival time. In most cases the property will not be ready for you until 5pm.

Security Deposit : If you have not already organised the Security Deposit, this will be required on arrival. Using the Security Deposit form and taking your card details. We do not handle deposits in cash.

Insurance : If you have not already given the details, for those who are not French residents, a proof of "Personal Liability" insurance cover will be required on arrival. See more information.

NB: The Security Deposit and insurance are MANDATORY requirements to be able to stay at the property.

Service charges : The normal use of water, electricity and, gas is included in the rental price.

Linen hire : If you require linen hire this must be arranged beforehand. It may not be possible to opt for this at short notice or on the day of arrival.

The options of linen hire and cleaning service are paid in cash when you arrive. Please have the amount ready.

Tel. 0033 6 11 56 32 37